Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cuisine &Culture _Kelantanese local food

        I just fell in love with foodservice. Digged up the knowledge and related entire food and cuisine with terminology of health and science. Before i talk about what food outsiders owned, let me talk about my Kelantan first :)
        Barely, almost every culture from different races, ethnic and complexion in the world has their own food. Nowadays, mostly variety of local food has been developed out to the world to taste. It's been called ethnic cuisine in standard. Mixed cultures in Malaysia make us comes up with kind of variety food. Closed fraternity in here makes us enjoyed the differences between others.
         Somewhat, people known Kelantanese as sweet tooth people because most of their food taste sweet and sometimes hot.There is a great variety of delicious food in Kelantan Specialities include nasi kerabu (rice with herbal salad) and ayam percik (marinated chicken barbecued on a bamboo skewer) while tom yam and barbecued fish are also hot items. Besides a good selection of Malay, Chinese and Indian food, there are many types of cakes ranging from the sweet to the savoury which promise a mouth watering experience.

Ayam Percik 
A favourite with locals and visitors alike, is barbecued chicken marinated with spicy coconut gravy.

Nasi Kerabu
Another rice-based dish, is served with coconut milk. flaked fish, desiccated coconut and a variety of herbs and sauces.

Nasi Dagang 
is a type of rice with a brownish tinge steamed with coconut milk and served with fish gravy.

By the way, if you walks to our states, don't be surprise if you have to have 'nasi pagi' or similarly to heavy food just to have in the morning. That is our custom! Our tradition.. Rice with gulai ayam or etc was just something normal...well...:)

It was fun to enjoy the food but lets see what was contain inside. Kelantan food : high sugar level and most of the dishes contained coconut fat. No wonder! Kelantanese were among the highest rates suffered from diabetes and high blood sugar level. Not least, heart problem too! Our daily consuming unhealthy food habit and dont even go for some swings. Thats the real problems come out from our tastiest food actually..

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