Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Bachelor Degree Graduation Day

Hi ols. This is always be my proud ; it was my graduation day for my bachelor degree. Throwback the event. Hee.. Lets start the show!

Ape2 hal pun, selpi dulu dlm kereta. I got bouquet of red roses from hubs. weee!

Long peach dress. Time ni stage dah lengang. So I heret tangan hubs kuat2..Nk jgk captured some moment while its already away from crowd,

Alhamdulillah, 3 years of sacrifice. Eventually being awarded with  BSc (hons) in FS Management, awarded with high class of Ijazah Sarjana Kepujian dengan Sains . It is a rewards to myself :) What you give, you get back!

I warned my kesayangan awal2, "Abbi! ummi nak snap pic dekat pokok2 cantik! " Ikutt jugak laa kesayangan kite tu..Sayang punye pasal

My cinta hati and always will be

Captured moment. Love!!

Another 2 graduation InsyaAllah, master&phD.. :)

Best regard,