Sunday, 30 November 2014

Throwback - Sekitar Annual Dinner Final Semester, HTMT

This entry is about faculty annual dinner during my bachelor. So..kiranya throwback lahh ni yeaa..

Hi ols.. I'm about to throwback my zaman kegemukan. Haha. Now dah slim balik okaihh

Love this part..cuma bag bersepah dekat sebelah kanan tu agak spoill

Classmate members
Terserlah kegemukan lalu..haha

Miss kembang semangkuk..

Yang ni boleh cover sket :p

Zoomed in. This how I tailored my baju. That manik dijahit one by one. Dh mcm baju kawen

White Chanel. This kasut Chanel was from Indonesia. Just mixed&match dengan my baju.

Make up done by me. Quite scary dekat eyes part cuz my eyes already such big round eyes. Technique blm pakar lgii..huhu

Tu je kott nk update. :)

Bonia, Louis Vuitton & Hublot Newbies Goes into My Closet

Assalam.. I write again for today! Well, just intend to share how thankful I am. Alhamdulillah.. Few days ago, I went to Bonia outlet as the salesman threw me a call since 2 weeks ago to remind me that their outlet went for 30% discount as for only last friday. The story begin in the early of this month since I went to one of the Bonia outlet and my heart was sticky hard to one of the design which is the design is about the combination of the red color. So, that time the price was around MYR1000 ++. The salesperson then told me to come again as their sales season was just to coming around and he will keep it special for me. I finally go and grab it!!

Still, in 6 month of warranty. 100% leather

tadaaaa...this one punya design I belum ada..tali merah..thats why I nak jugakkk. very elegance in looked

Inside also red in colour..floweryy

Bonia.. that one is something ordinary to me as I already kept a lot of original Bonia item in my closet including one of my wristwatch collection. But...buttt.. there is something big coming from oversea. Thisssss original LV !! I ever think about to grab it from Starhill Gallery and it will cost me around MYR5000. But my cinta hati seperti memahami isi hati ini. haha! I got this LV handbag today.. and I bought my Bonia in yesterday. Rezeki Allah bagi as I lost one of my jewelleries at the day before yesterday and I am crying alone in my car.. :'( I may able to buy a lot of another gold as my jewelleries but that one keep me such very sentimental and precious value. Alhamdulillah, more is coming worth of thousands ringgit. Having my first LV handbag is such an extremely exciting moment. Seriously!!

My first LV Handbag. Thank Godness!!

Its not over yet. I also got my first Hublot wristwatch. Well, this is my kesayangan punya favorite brand. So, he grab another one Hublot for him as well as for his lovely wifey. Katanyaaa, Che Ta&Fathia pakai Hublot. Ummi pakai la jugakk.. Jenk abbi mungg..haha.. I never thought of having Hublot as it worth thousands of ringgit. I am quite sceptical about this. Buat benda lain lagi bagus dari beli jam yang beribu riban kott.. But for my abbi, collecting wristwatch is always become his hobby and bought a new wristwatch is always become his passion! Ohh..also perfume collector. He didnt mind to spend thousand of ringgit only for wristwatch and parfume. That was his craziness which I had to accept all outtt ! :/

My fist Hublot wristwatch. Limited Edition. Bersepuh emas bertatahkan berlian..ceewahh! white strap...Love it!! Thanks abbiiii cyggg...

Bonia, LV and Hublot coming altogether at once!!
Nothing I can utter unless.... Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.. :)

Thanks Allah.. Thanks kesayangan.. Sincerely,

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Ayam Masak Ala Thai Simple

Hari ni malas nk masak banyak. So, I am coming for simple dishes. Just using the 3 main ingredient.


Ayam dipotong kecil
Bawang merah (mayang&tumis)
Cili merah (potong bulat) 
Sedikit perencah sambal Thai Tom
Sedikit sos tiram
Sedikit sos cili  

Tumis bawang dengan sedikit minyak and masukkan bahan dalam gambar tu. Then tumis sampai pecah minyak dengan api kecil. Ingredient yang diguna must be depend on amount ayam yang nak masak. Then, bila bahan tumis dah pecah minyak, masukkan ayam bersama sedikit air. Masukkan la perasa eg; garam, ajinomoto and kalau suka boleh stabilkan rasa dengan sedikit gula. Simple right? pakai je ape yang ade dlm fridge tu. Hihi..

p/s : lagii best kalau letak daun limau purut

Ayam Masak Ala Thai Simple

Selamat mencuba :)

Friday, 28 November 2014

Anugerah Terindah

It's Friday.. :)

Wah, terasa selalu pulak berblogging sehari dua ni. Bila dh duduk kat kerusi ni buat kerja, mesti rase nak bukak blog and tulis something. Rindu sangat dengan husband agaknya. Salu kalau dia ade, dia kacau jekk.. huhu.. Sunyinyeee.. :((   Even dekat overbroad pun, hubby call many times per day to ensure that I am okay. But still, only the voice wasn't enough..I really miss his warm hug........ :'(

Hari ni terasa nak layan lagu Jodoh Berdua. If one day anak-anak ummi dah besar and tengah baca entry ni, I just want to tell all of you that this is your parent love song ever my sweety cakes. The best part that we both love to mentioned is...

Pencarianku..kini telah berakhir..
Detik bahagia...kini telah pun hadir..
Sungguh aku percaya...ketentuan Yang Esa..
Jodoh berdua.. begitulah takdir.. :')

Allahuakbar..indah sungguh.. THIS SONG IS VERY VERY VERY MEANINGFUL TO US...if I ever reminiscince the previous, our love story sukar sungguh. Allah timpakan dengan bermacam halangan dan ujian. And disetiap air mata, kami seka dengan doa terhadap Pencipta... Learn from past, THE POWER OF DOA.. bersujudlah di setiap kesukaran..InshaAllah, beroleh jalannya..InshaAllah...

Now..the only word that I can utter is.. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.. :')

"Allahumaj a'lna min ahli Jannatil Firdaus"

Thursday, 27 November 2014

A lonely Week

Lonely week.. The best caption I think. Mana tak nyee. Ummi kene tinggal dengan abbi for 5 days kot. Alahai, tak biasa la jauh lama-lama. Seriously, bukan sengaja nak mengada, tapi memang tak biasa. Where's actually abbi pegi ek? Abbi flown away to Guangzhou, China. So, memang ummi tak ada can nak ikut cuz' he went there dengan organization members semua. **Sigh

But few week before went to China, every week he went to KL from Terengganu. Twice for pay me a visit and another one trip was because he went to Port Dickson. Ada courses kat sana. Ummi ape lagiii..menggedikk nak ikut. But at the end of the day balik Shah Alam dengan muka muncung sebab kena marah dengan abbi. He shout me out just because I'm rushing went there sedangkan esoknya I ada event. Mulai laaa tarik muka sebab kena marah kan. Bila balik sorang-sorang, abbi pesan jangan drive laju. At that time I just like owhh, ok syg.. I will drive slowly and carefully sambil bulatkan mata pandang abbi. Sebulat-bulatnyaa! haha.. I know abbi memang tak percaya bila ummi cakap akan drive slow. Then what happen? 8.52 p.m dari Port Dickson, 9.30 p.m dah sampai kat rumah in Shah Alam. Drive baby G mana boleh slow kan.....Sory ya abbi sebab tak dengar cakap. hehe

Baby G, say cheeseeeeee and pecuttt :D

Another best moment is, last 3 weeks abbi ajar ummi main golf lagii.. yeayyy..tapi tak pandai jugak. Alhamdulillah, abbi memang cukup sabar ajar ummi. As I open my eyes that morning, I said, sayangg, let's starts our day with some driving at the countries club. Macam biasa la kann, abbi tak kan let me down. Mesti penuhi impian wifey tercinta even tak cukup tidooo..hahaha

Nak main golf pon tudung belit sana sini jugak. Lagi about this picture is...tangan abbi takde jam. This time dia pakai Hublot. Patut la dia buang time nak main. heee :p
See, I pose dengan stick yang paling panjang. That stick boleh pukul untuk jarak 300m. Well, amateur pegang that stick rasa macam bangga betul.

At glance, he is the most handsome one in my eyes and my heart, but dua kali pandang, abbi teeemoookkk...ehehe

Hurm..miss him badly. Abbi come home faster, together with sutera china yaaa. Well, since he wasn't around, I put some space to update my blog so that our kids in one coming day, when they already grow up and read my entry, they may feel how empty ummi's heart without their abbi around.

Sincerely a lonely week without cinta hati kesayangan ummi,

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Cinta Hati Ummi Dunia Akhirat

Dedicated to my kesayangan, Shafuan.M  ...

Finally, I’ve decided on getting married. (March 14)

“Yes, you proposed me on the right time. Disaat hati mulai tewas dan mengalah. Dugaan hidup cukup kuat. Since ragu dengan keadaan, putuskan ikatan pertunangan. Suddenly you came with sparkles in your eyes and seek my hand for marriage. That time I was thinking, should I accept you??But actually my hearts open by the mean time.”
                                                                                                            Nadwa.M, Oct 2014
Seminggu kita diam tanpa bicara, berada jauh dari pertemuan mata dan sujud kepada pencipta dengan penuh tafakur. Sayangku, demi cinta yang ummi serahkan sebulatnya kepada Yang Maha Kuasa, biarlah dia yang membuka hati ini sekiranya jodoh itu milik kita. saat itu hati ini mulai berbunga rindu. Allahuakbar.. Adakah Tuhanku telah menemukan ummi dengan pilihan yang tepat.

Disaat itu, tasbih dan sejadah tidak lekang bersama. Jahilnya diri dikala dilanda masalah. Ketika jatuh, mulai mencari dimana pencipta. Dalam sujud, ummi menangis. Usai solat, menggenggam erat tasbih pemberian abbi dan berdoa sepenuh hati, jika abbi milik ummi, mohon Allah kembalikan. Jika bukan milik ummi, bawalah pergi sejauhnya. Sungguh, jika abbi pada pengetahuan Allah adalah bukan milik ummi, ummi tidak memerlukanmu sayangku. Sama sekali tidak !!

Suatu pagi, dengan izin Allah, dengan gerak hati, berbekalkan istikharahku yang paling lama seumur hidupku, abbi kembali menemui ummi. Dengan perjalanan yang begitu mudah, mama menyarungkan cincin di jari ummi,tanda ikatan yang baru bermula.
Masih terngiang dan tetap segar dalam ingatan ummi bila abbi datang and bagitahu ummi. Di dalam mimpi abbi, kita mengunjungi baitullah di tanah suci Makkah. Kata abbi, ummi begitu cantik memakai telekung putih dan berdiri di sisi abbi. Kedua, abbi mimpikan kita dalam majlis akad nikah sambil abbi melafazkan ikatan suci untuk menjadikan ummi sebagai suri hidup abbi. Dan ketiga, mimpi abbi yang meraikan airmata gembira apabila zuriat kita menjengah dunia, tanda cinta ummi dan abbi.

Tanpa sedar, mutiara jernih jatuh dari kelopak mata ummi. Perjalanan kita cukup sukar. Namun sering ummi ingatkan abbi tentang sepotong ayat dari surah Al-Insyiirah yang terkandung di dalam kalamullah, ‘di setiap kesukaran itu datangnya kemudahan’.
Abbi.. mungkin pernikahan kita tergolong dalam status ‘jarak jauh’ disebabkan tuntutan tugas masing-masing. Mungkin kita akan memerlukan peruntukan lebih untuk tiket flight setiap bulan. Mungkin kita perlu tersenyum nakal dengan jumlah bil telefon abbi yang mencecah RM400++ seperti selalu. But it doesn’t matter at all. Niat kita adalah untuk membina hubungan halal dan diredhai di sisi Tuhan. Apa pun kepayahan kita kena kuat. Sekarang ummi mengerti tentang manisnya RINDU.

If sekarang sayang ummi tengah baca ni, I am truly sorry sebab ummi dah lupa nak menulis in Malay language dengan proper. Abbi sendiri tahu yang sayang abbi ni setiap hari speaking, reading and writing in English kan. Even gaduh dengan abbi pon will be all in English. At the end of the day, abbi akan mengalah dan pujuk ummi dengan penuh kasih sayang..  abbi akan panggil macam ni, “sayang abbiiii…” I bet u smiling right now!! ;) So sweet of you sayang…..

Kesayangan ummi, thanks for everything. Thanks untuk kesabaran abbi, kasih sayang abbi..Dan thanks untuk doa abbi yang tak pernah putus untuk kita..Btw, thanks untuk nombor pendaftaran yang cantik untuk kereta baru ummi yang cantik. T** 88… Sanggup abbi bid dengan cina tu kan. Surprise me much and makes me much happy for that. Thanks sayanggg..Abbi adalah cinta ummi dunia dan akhirat. InshaAllah..

Sincerely, your lovely honey,