Sunday, 30 November 2014

Bonia, Louis Vuitton & Hublot Newbies Goes into My Closet

Assalam.. I write again for today! Well, just intend to share how thankful I am. Alhamdulillah.. Few days ago, I went to Bonia outlet as the salesman threw me a call since 2 weeks ago to remind me that their outlet went for 30% discount as for only last friday. The story begin in the early of this month since I went to one of the Bonia outlet and my heart was sticky hard to one of the design which is the design is about the combination of the red color. So, that time the price was around MYR1000 ++. The salesperson then told me to come again as their sales season was just to coming around and he will keep it special for me. I finally go and grab it!!

Still, in 6 month of warranty. 100% leather

tadaaaa...this one punya design I belum ada..tali merah..thats why I nak jugakkk. very elegance in looked

Inside also red in colour..floweryy

Bonia.. that one is something ordinary to me as I already kept a lot of original Bonia item in my closet including one of my wristwatch collection. But...buttt.. there is something big coming from oversea. Thisssss original LV !! I ever think about to grab it from Starhill Gallery and it will cost me around MYR5000. But my cinta hati seperti memahami isi hati ini. haha! I got this LV handbag today.. and I bought my Bonia in yesterday. Rezeki Allah bagi as I lost one of my jewelleries at the day before yesterday and I am crying alone in my car.. :'( I may able to buy a lot of another gold as my jewelleries but that one keep me such very sentimental and precious value. Alhamdulillah, more is coming worth of thousands ringgit. Having my first LV handbag is such an extremely exciting moment. Seriously!!

My first LV Handbag. Thank Godness!!

Its not over yet. I also got my first Hublot wristwatch. Well, this is my kesayangan punya favorite brand. So, he grab another one Hublot for him as well as for his lovely wifey. Katanyaaa, Che Ta&Fathia pakai Hublot. Ummi pakai la jugakk.. Jenk abbi mungg..haha.. I never thought of having Hublot as it worth thousands of ringgit. I am quite sceptical about this. Buat benda lain lagi bagus dari beli jam yang beribu riban kott.. But for my abbi, collecting wristwatch is always become his hobby and bought a new wristwatch is always become his passion! Ohh..also perfume collector. He didnt mind to spend thousand of ringgit only for wristwatch and parfume. That was his craziness which I had to accept all outtt ! :/

My fist Hublot wristwatch. Limited Edition. Bersepuh emas bertatahkan berlian..ceewahh! white strap...Love it!! Thanks abbiiii cyggg...

Bonia, LV and Hublot coming altogether at once!!
Nothing I can utter unless.... Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.. :)

Thanks Allah.. Thanks kesayangan.. Sincerely,

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