Friday, 25 July 2014

A Deteriorated 2014

‘…dan berserta kesusahan itu, ada bersamanya kemudahan…’

Bismillah.. This phrase which always in my mind been extracted from surah Al-Insyiirah. Yes, after kesukaran besertanya kemudahan. As today, in Malaysia will be the last Friday for  Ramadhan, 1435H. I just heard from afar however, too much problematic in my poor country, too much speculation, perception and the untold story itself. However, I just pray the best for you My Malaysia, ‘tanah air tumpah darahku’.

MH17 tragedy was spreading like wildfire and once again, it has become world attention. From my deepest heart, I send my condolence over there and terlalu sukar rasanya untuk ahli keluarga penumpang menerima kenyataan. Namun ianya kenyataan yang harus diterima. Everyday once I click on my facebook icon, there will be unstoppable speculation from too much ‘aviation expert’ which try to speculate about every single thing until the day the black box has been hand over, many people continuing on their speculation regarding theorists conspiration, continue on blaming the pilot, about mysteriously 17 thumbprint on the box or maybe writing facts about people with special interest has conspired to change the black box, because BLACK box supposed to be BLACK… Well, the last phrase is actually been extracted from ‘aviation expert’ darlas, not me.. (funny ;) )

I am not one of them, just stay silent and watch what going to happen next. I just afford to pray them the best especially for air crash tragedy, for Palestinians, and binasa Israelis forever. ~Janji Allah itu pasti~

Salam Aidilfitri and shafakallah from far..
Best regard,

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